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For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.
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APRIL 14, 2016

Benoît Gauthier honoured and published in Australia

The President of Circum Network, Benoît Gauthier, has recently been made an Honorary Fellow associated with the Northern Institute of Charles Darwin University (Darwin, Australia).

The Northern Institute has also published one of Mr. Gauthier's papers as the first issue in a new series called Evaluative Voices. Evaluation Voices is a "peer-reviewed publication of short papers and longer pieces on aspects of theory and praxis, with a number of less traditional formats. Themes reflect the Northern Institute's context and priorities, with a special focus on realist evaluation, evaluative thinking, strategic and policy evaluation, Indigenous evaluation methodologies, and evaluation in northern Australia and its regional neighbours. Formats that present the ‘voice' of evaluators and evaluands are a feature, including some less likely to be found in other evaluation journals."

Mr. Gauthier's paper is entitled Impact = Content x Influence: Evaluation, evidence and policy in Canadian Government contexts. It was first presented as a keynote address at the "Evidence and Policy in Northern Contexts Symposium", Charles Darwin University, in September 2015. The paper contextualizes and models the impact of probative evidence on policy making.

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